STEPHEN E. PRICE                                                               FINE ARTIST
Murals on Canvas
Sometimes it's not practical to paint directly on the wall.  Murals can also be painted on large seamless canvas and mounted to the wall.  All of the murals on this page are available for purchase.  Please call for pricing and shipping information.

"Desert Sunset"                                                                         8 x 10 ft.
                                                                      original acrylic on canvas

This mural lends an incredible atmosphere to Lion's Peak Wines tasting room here in Cambria, at once warm and exotic.  The desert image seems to make visitors thirsty...

"Fair Weather Sky"                                 8 x 6 ft.
original acrylic on canvas
mounted to wall and framed

"East River View, New York City"                                                                15 x 7 ft.
                                                                                              original acrylic on canvas

Painted before the Towers came down...

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