STEPHEN E. PRICE                                                               FINE ARTIST
Sky and Cloud Ceilings

Large scale sky ceilings necessitate the big air gun.  For detailing and subtle shadings of light and color I use a small airbrush.  I've painted everything imaginable using this most versatile and demanding tool.  There's nothing like it for soft effects.  I must say that clouds and blue skies are some of my very favorite subjects to paint.  The difference they make in a room is amazing!                             
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     --Stephen Price

Sky Ceiling                                                                                      10 x 20 ft.
Commercial Commission                                   Newport Beach, California

Re Nato Ristorante in Newport Beach commissioned this classical sky ceiling in their main dining room.  Twenty years later it is still charming the guests who visit the hotel and restaurant.  Their website has a great panorama of the room.

Sky Ceiling                                                                                        14 x 10 ft.
Residential Commission                                          Cambria, California

This sky was painted in a backyard studio for a local graphic designer/artist.  Her refuge has everything she needs to work at home, including a lovely, uplifting sky full of realistic clouds.  The chickens are invited to come in and visit too.  A ceiling fan was installed where you see the dark opening.

Wine Cellar Ceiling Dome                                                      8 ft. diameter
Residential Commission                                                                California

Sky paintings can fill coffered or tray ceilings, or an inset look can be created using trompe l'oeil effects to give dimension even on a flat ceiling.  This painted illusory dome really appears to go up and have a spatial atmosphere.

Skylights                                                                                 60 sq ft
Commercial Commission                         Cambria, California

Three inset areas made a perfect space for blue sky and clouds, with trompe l'oeil wood frame surrounds in this real estate office.  Not a large mural, but it has a big impact on the space.  The owners say that clients really notice and appreciate these glimpses of blue sky.

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