STEPHEN E. PRICE                                                               FINE ARTIST
Trompe l'Oeil
French for 'fool the eye', this style involves the use of extremely realistic imagery in order to create the illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions.  Distinct from ultra-realism, true trompe l'oeil must meet several important criteron to merit the label.

Artist Stephen E. Price is one of a handful of modern masters of this genre.  His work was featured in "Lie to the Eye", a musuem exhibition featuring the work of classical and contemporary trompe l'oeil painters.  Highly praised by the president of the Trompe l'Oeil Society, Stephen's work is characterized by a compulsive level of detail.

The pieces are below are available for sale.  Contact us for pricing and shipping information.

"Half-Full"                                                                          16 x 20 in.
                                                                         original acrylic on canvas

"Trompe l'Oeil en Plein Air"                                       23 x 60 x 20 in.
chantournee cut-out                                                  acrylic on board

Photo above shows front and rear view of this free-standing cut-out piece.  Although it is painted on completely flat panel, it is painted to fool the eye into thinking it is a real dimensional artist's easel, and the plein air painter has just stepped away from his work for a moment.  Easel cut-outs have a long history in trompe l'oeil tradition, with one famous example by Antonio Forbera in 1686,  but this may be first one to be painted on both sides.  Award-winning, museum-quality artwork.

Bakersfield Museum of Art
"Lie to the Eye" Trompe l'Oeil Exhibition

"Tabletop Easel"                                      13 x 17 x 8 in.

Original acrylic on board, mounted to wood easel painted to depict an aluminum easel.   The frame is also painted.  The reverse is painted to show the canvas back.

"Small Collection"                                        14 x 11 in.
                                                             original acrylic on canvas

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